I’m back !! 

Yay !! I took a loong hiatus. My home life was in chaos. The good news is, huge transformations have been made, and I give all the glory to our lord Jesus Christ !! It’s absolutely a blessing to see his works!! He is alive !! You can see it in the beauty of the land, skies, and oceans !!

I am embarking on a new lifestyle. One that involves more time being spent with Jesus, attendeding church more, and getting involved in ministry ( I haven’t yet but that is one of my goals ). Another is becoming more active. Joining a softball team, going to classes at my gym, running !! These are short term goals, but there is something different in me, that I never had before, and that is strength from my savior !! I have dreams !! I want to accomplish these dreams. Something about spending alone time in meditation with him is encouraging to face my failures.

That is the number one thing that has always stopped me. FEAR, fear of failing. Deuteronomy 3:22 says it well, you must not fear them, for the lord your God himself fights for you. What a bold statement, he fights for me !! All I have to do is fight fear with perseverance and God will handle the rest. Keep my eyes on him and my dreams will come to pass !! Thank you lord !! Thank you for never giving up on me !! Thank you for your promises, and gifts you have blessed me with!!



proverbs 16:9 -In his heart a man plans his course…

We all make choices. We all make bad choices. That is our gift as human beings. God gave us the will of choice. We all know right from wrong. Our parents taught us that growing up. It is our choice to either do what is right, or what is wrong.

genesis 3:17 cursed is the ground for thy sake… 

Adam followed his wife’s persuasion in eating the apple. He knew he was not supposed to, but the lies of the serpent was so intriguing. That they would gain the same knowledge as God, and why would God want to hide something so great. Satan wanted them to know who he was. But that goes back to CHOICES. Adam CHOSE to eat the apple. So God cursed the very land you walk on. To always fight those battles. With diseases, starvation, and death.

Romans 6:11 count yourselves dead to sin, but alive to God christ Jesus.

Our continual bad choices, can ultimately be the death of us. God saw our sinful ways. Constantly being persuaded by that very same serpent. He came in human form to be living, breathing truth, that it can be done. He defeated satan, and gave that very same power in you, and me. Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is often that tiny little voice, that tiny little feeling you shouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t go their , pick up that phone and make that phone call. Listen to that voice. Learn how to hear that voice. It’s a learning process, but guess what? It can be done if you CHOOSE  to.

“All in all, love will take me there! ”


Extra! Extra! Read All About It !

I’m excited to say; I got my first chapter done with!  Yay! It’s so exhilarating, and so much fun!  I’m just going with the creative flow, and it’s coming along perfectly. I’m doing research on the area I’m including in my book. I want it to be as close as possible. I know when I see things, or read things about my area I want it to be as close as possible.

So the genre I’ve chosen to write in is women’s fiction. I want it to be a trilogy, but because this is my very first book in the history of EVER, it may only be two books.

The scary part of the whole thing is, the thought of after it’s finished.  I have a plan of action, but just the thought of it is daunting. After reading other authors stories. This is a natural feeling.  I just hope my readers fall in love with my style of writing. After all it is just for you. All in all ….

” Love will take me there”    K.R.Buchanan



I had such an amazing weekend with friends, and family. The most important part of this weekend was that my husband was home, and getting to enjoy the activities with us as a family. His job can be very demanding at times, and is always a relief when he is able to relax with us during his down time. That is a whole ‘nother story in itself, and not my intentions for this post. Notice my southern slang, and terminology for another ? hehehe!!

My purpose is to share one of my families Cajun recipes. That’s right I’m full-blooded Cajun. Down here there is a name for us Cajun folk, coona$$es. In all honesty I can not tell you the real reason behind that name. Only that we were kicked out of nova scotia for being to friendly with the natives (Indians), and that is why most of the Cajun people have dark hair and skin. I for one do not have the dark skin just the dark hair.

I could go on, and on, and on about my families history, which is very interesting, and will certainly do so one day, but not today let me get to the recipe that I am sharing. crawfish etoufette, oh yea sha!

Now tho I am from Southeast, Tx., most of the culture there is Cajuns who migrated because the oil industry was booming in Port Arthur, Tx., and still is to this day. My families roots are from southwest,LA. and our gumbos, etoufettes, and fricassees’ differ from what you would find in areas closer to new Orleans.

That to is a whole ‘nother story that I will have to revisit some day. So lets not keep you waiting any longer. Here is my recipe for crawfish etoufette. bon appetit!

word press photo 1

Crawfish Etoufette

3 lbs crawfish tails                                   3 sticks of butter

1 1/2 cup celery, bell pepper, onion        4 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp flour                                                  1 cup of water

3 tbsp parsley flakes                             4 tbsp paprika

1 tsp salt and pepper                               1 tbsp onion powder

1 tsp Cajun seasonings

Melt the butter In a 10 inch skillet on medium high heat. when butter is melted add the onion, bell pepper, and celery. Saute’ for 5 minutes until soft. Then add the garlic, and saute’ until fragrant. Next you’re going to add the one tablespoon of flour, and let simmer for 3 min. After that you will add the one cup of water and simmer until thickened, and then add your  crawfish tails, and let cook for another 7 min. Once your crawfish are cooked through you are going to add your  seasonings, and the paprika should give it a reddish, orange, brown color. Like most Cajun dishes, this is best served over rice.

Happy Easter !!

Tomorrow is Easter. I love the time of year when you pretend to be this mythical being to excite your kids. I have young kids. So it’s still fun. The Easter egg hunts, dying the eggs, pretending to be the Easter bunny, and the most exciting part; the look on your child’s face when they wake up to the goodies the Easter bunny leaves them !!

All the pastel colors, baby chicks, and bunnies, are splendid. The real reason  is the astounding selfless act that Jesus christ did for our sins. I believe it’s important that you make sure your children realize, it’s not about the Easter bunny. So, me being the mom I am. I told my oldest, who wants Minecraft so, so, so, bad, to pray for it because the Easter bunny, and Jesus talk everyday. He wanted to do it right then, and there. I then told him no. he had to ask God to forgive him for the things he did bad that nobody knows he did but himself, and has to do it every night. It worked.

We all forget, or become to busy in getting everything done to say our prayers as a family and we all need to seriously work on it. But all in all……

“love will take us there”  K.R.Buchanan


Fun, fun, fun !!!!

The blogging experience is so exciting! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine this would be the path that I would choose, and have that many hits on the first 3 days!!!  I must say it is exhilarating!! There is just so, so, much you can do with it, and all the creative inspiration that starts to flow. All the researching that you do on “how to make a blog better”, gives you endless opportunities. I’m hooked !!

This makes my second post, and I will make this one short, and sweet. I feel like I could put a post out everyday, but I don’t want this to seem to much like my personal diary. I have a journal for that. I have the tendency to just jot down any and everything that comes to mind. Hopefully that’s all I need to be a great writer.

The #1 thing I’ve learned since my first post 3 days ago.  Is to sit on my ruff draft for a couple of days. Let it marinate. Think about it before I immediately post it. Proof read, proof read, and proof read some-more. I swear I tweaked that thing a million times since publishing it. So much so my beginning readers probably wouldn’t even recognize it if they reread it!! Hahaha, I’m exaggerating, but that’s what it feels like. You know ??!!

So all in all, I’m excited to where this road shall take me ,,, because….

“ love will take me there”  K.R.Buchanan