Happy Easter !!

Tomorrow is Easter. I love the time of year when you pretend to be this mythical being to excite your kids. I have young kids. So it’s still fun. The Easter egg hunts, dying the eggs, pretending to be the Easter bunny, and the most exciting part; the look on your child’s face when they wake up to the goodies the Easter bunny leaves them !!

All the pastel colors, baby chicks, and bunnies, are splendid. The real reason  is the astounding selfless act that Jesus christ did for our sins. I believe it’s important that you make sure your children realize, it’s not about the Easter bunny. So, me being the mom I am. I told my oldest, who wants Minecraft so, so, so, bad, to pray for it because the Easter bunny, and Jesus talk everyday. He wanted to do it right then, and there. I then told him no. he had to ask God to forgive him for the things he did bad that nobody knows he did but himself, and has to do it every night. It worked.

We all forget, or become to busy in getting everything done to say our prayers as a family and we all need to seriously work on it. But all in all……

“love will take us there”  K.R.Buchanan



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