I’m back !! 

Yay !! I took a loong hiatus. My home life was in chaos. The good news is, huge transformations have been made, and I give all the glory to our lord Jesus Christ !! It’s absolutely a blessing to see his works!! He is alive !! You can see it in the beauty of the land, skies, and oceans !!

I am embarking on a new lifestyle. One that involves more time being spent with Jesus, attendeding church more, and getting involved in ministry ( I haven’t yet but that is one of my goals ). Another is becoming more active. Joining a softball team, going to classes at my gym, running !! These are short term goals, but there is something different in me, that I never had before, and that is strength from my savior !! I have dreams !! I want to accomplish these dreams. Something about spending alone time in meditation with him is encouraging to face my failures.

That is the number one thing that has always stopped me. FEAR, fear of failing. Deuteronomy 3:22 says it well, you must not fear them, for the lord your God himself fights for you. What a bold statement, he fights for me !! All I have to do is fight fear with perseverance and God will handle the rest. Keep my eyes on him and my dreams will come to pass !! Thank you lord !! Thank you for never giving up on me !! Thank you for your promises, and gifts you have blessed me with!!


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