For those who are asking “what made you decide on Starting a blog?” I have dabbled a bit throughout my life with writing poetry. Not my strong point, but I’ve always kept my writing to myself. Never shareing anything. I actually started a journal of my writings, but recently restarted my iPad because I forgot my password and lost everything; but I do remember sending a picture to my husband of a poem. I will have to dig threw my gmail to find it.

As you grow older, and have kids.You want to find your niche in the world, and I recently have been Entertaining the thought of writing my own book. It’s all a process to perfect, to practice, to learn, and to grow in writing.

I’m a random person. My husband Is in love with how I start things only to never finish them. (Hint the sarcasm ). The proper medical term for that is called A.D.D., I like to call it creativity crowding my mind 😉.  With that being said I dont expect to write anything emparticular. Just random things that I enjoy, and of course things I’m working on. I’m by no means a professional writer. I don’t have an editor. So please feel free to correct my work. Constructive criticism is much appreciated. This piece I am sharing was handwritten on the notepad app, and was erased. I than found it. Edited so that it reads better. The image I had found, was just a ruff draft. Very, ruff, draft. This is all I have left 😓, but oh so thankful I found it to SHARE !! YAY !! This was a quick piece. I call it “free writing”. Hahaha !!!!  What I mean by that is, writing down whatever word comes to mind. Then going over it, to tweak, for it to make some kind of since.

I really hope to captivate, excite, and intrigue you to want to come back for more…

“Love will take me there”. K.R.Buchanan